Announces Two Hip-Hop Sample Collections

Soundblock Hip-HopSamplebase has introduced two aggressive new SoundBlocks to the Hip-Hop category at


“Keepin’ It South” ($29) and “Keepin’ It Dirty” ($29) were created by Major Music Productions (Lloyd Banks, Mobb Deep) and deliver exactly what the titles promise. The heavy hitting, 808 thumping construction kits are filled with cocky, infectious loops, all with the chart-topping sound of Dirty South.

The loops in this construction kit can be used together to create complete Hip Hop tracks, or they can be used individually to serve as a foundation or add some bang to already existing tracks. The loops can be easily time-stretched using Samplebase’s proprietary Satellite or Satellite Pro sample-playback synth engines.

In addition, each SoundBlock contains pre-constructed mixes, a playable intro, verse, chorus and outro, and lots of mix options, to start laying down tracks instantly.

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