Submersible Ships KitCore Deluxe MIDI Drum Plug-In

Kitcore Deluxe

Submersible Music is now shipping KitCore Deluxe, which bundles KitCore (a MIDI drum instrument based on DrumCore) with the drum/percussion sounds and MIDI grooves found in DrumCore Deluxe.

KitCore Deluxe gives MIDI-based musicians (on both Mac and PC) access to the drumkits and MIDI beats found in DrumCore Deluxe at an affordable price. It works with all RTAS (Pro Tools), AU (Logic, Garageband, DP, Live, Tracktion) and VSTi (Acid, Cubase, Sonar, Band-in-a-Box) plug-in hosts.

KitCore includes over 3000 MIDI files with beats, fills, variations and click tracks. Plus KitCore Deluxe is GM compatible, so it works with a huge number of MIDI libraries and controllers.

KitCore is available now for $99 (US retail price) via most music software resellers and online. Additional drumkits can be purchased as downloads from with prices starting at $10.

Kitcore Features:

With KitCore you get drumkits and Latin percussion sounds used by legendary, hit-proven players. KitCore Deluxe includes drumkits by Jeff Anthony (Sheryl Crow), Ben Smith (Heart), John Bishop (Mark Murphy, Ernie Watts), Terry Bozzio (Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Missing Persons). Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver), Tony Braunagel (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal), DJ Syze-up (UltraNate), Ned Douglas (Dave Stewart, Simply Red) Sly Dunbar (Bob Marley), Michael Shrieve (Santana), Alan White (John Lennon, Yes). Lonnie Wilson (Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts) and Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown).

Using the best of digital and analog, the kit’s tone is burned-in at the sample level for great sound with minimal CPU load. All KitCore drumkits are 48kHz/24 bit, so there is extra headroom at the sample level (many libraries are only 16 bit) and you are assured the best fidelity in 24 bit.

KitCore Deluxe provides a wide palette of drum sounds, covering most popular music genres. You get brushed country kits, heavy rock drums, electronic/urban sounds, Latin percussion and more. KitCore has 48 pads you can load with different drum sounds. Also you can mix-and-match components (snares, kicks, etc.) to create personalized, “hybrid” kits. Plus you can have multiple tracks of KitCore with each track loaded with a different set of 48 sounds.

KitCore is not just about acoustic, 5-piece kits. If you want an acoustic groove, with an electronic drum breakdown and a Latin shaker thing — go for it! KitCore Deluxe delivers the variety to keep up with your creativity. Where else could you find Terry Bozzio’s “big kit” featuring 4 kick drums and custom China cymbals.

KitCore can also access DrumCore’s MIDI drumkits (including user-created kits) if a user has DrumCore or DrumCore LT installed.

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  1. They are shipping KitCore v2 as a free upgrade with a Groove Browser, LiveDrummer that embellishes snare and cymbal dynamics plus new content by John Tempesta (Helmet, Testament) and Matt Cameron (Soundgarden). It rocks!

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