The Meek FM Typographic Synthesizer

Meek FM Typographic Synthesizer

Here’s a type of synthesizer we haven’t seen before – an typographic synthesizer.

The first thing to get out of the way is this: no – you can’t play Lucky Man on it.

What you can do is interactively manipulate typographic fonts. The controller lets you adjust parameters such as the size of font serifs, horizontal/vertical scale, add distortion and a number of other attributes, all guided by audio feedback to get you in a creative mood.

Once you’ve got a font that you like, you an save it as a “preset” for future use!

Here’s a video of the Meek FM in action.

Desription: Meek FM is an interpretation of type as sound. Using new software and the M.E.E.K. typographic synthesizer, the musician/designer develops sounds and typographic visuals in parallel. Meek FM will be premiering as an interactive installation at the Typo2007. The Meek FM team will also perform live at the Festival event.

Details at the MeekFM site.

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