MixMeister Scratch – iPhone DJ Software

Looks like we’re going to be seeing a whole crop of iPhone music applications in June.

MixMeister has announced MixMiester Scratch for the iPod Touch or iPhone. MixMiester Scratch let’s you scratch your music tracks:


  • Comes with preset vinyl scratch sounds to choose from
  • Scratch on top of any existing song on your iPod Touch or iPhone
  • Control volume from within MixMeister Scratch
  • Works with all firmware versions

You can sign up to get notified when thsi is released at the site.

2 thoughts on “MixMeister Scratch – iPhone DJ Software

  1. So you wanna’ be a scratch D.J.? Here’s your chance to shine with iTurn! Scratch to any tune.

    Great with any style music – pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz and rap .

    Just play song from your music and then start up iTurn. Move your finger back and forth on the turntable to hear your D.J. magic over your song!

    Touch control Scratch volume.

    Features include:

    – Scratch sounds vary based on direction of motion.
    – Pitch of scratch varies based on speed of motion.
    – Adjustable volume control.
    – Drag horizontally or vertically across the turntable for a single beat scratch.
    – Drag your finger for a variety of multiple beat scratches.

    Entertain friends. Great for parties – just plug into your system and use iTurn to add your D.J. touch to the music.

    Get the beat!

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