Fl Studio 8 Released


Image Line Software has released FL Studio 8, the latest version of their digital audio workstation. FL Studio 8 offers an improved interface, sound engine, revised mixer, the addition of pattern clips to the playlist, new multilink MIDI learn system, a suite of new plug-ins and updates to many others.

Here are the details:

New Plugins

FL Studio 8 opens a new chapter in DAW flexibility with the addition of FL SynthMaker, a FL Studio native version of the popular plugin development application SynthMaker. Users can now create their own virtual instruments, effects and MIDI dashboards, use them in FL Studio and share them with other SynthMaker users, all without the need to write basic code. FL SynthMaker is included in Producer and XXL editions.

The Producer and XXL Editions also include Slicex — a powerhouse drumloop slicer and re-arranging tool. Slicex uses advanced beat detection algorithms to slice song/percussion samples into pieces and make them independently playable from the Piano roll or controller. Slicex offers playback, reordering of slices and time-stretching capabilities optimized for drum loops with all the editing power of Edison built right into the plugin.

Free to all users, FL Studio 8 also comes with a suite of new and creative plugins, including: Fruity Limiter — a powerful single band compressor/limiter, ideal for maximizing and compressing final mixes or single tracks, Wave Candy — a flexible audio analysis and visualization tool with Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyser and Peak meter and Soundgoodizer — a stereo “maximizer-enhancer” plugin based on the Maximus sound processing engine.

FL Studio 8 will also include demo versions of the best sellers: Maximus — a multiband mastering maximizer. Poizone 2 — a versatile and easy to program subtractive performance synthesizer. Morphine — an additive synthesizer with intuitive resynthesis capabilities allowing programmers to capture and synthesize almost any sound. And finally, Toxic Biohazard — the fourth generation of the Toxic FM synthesizer line.

Revised plug-ins

Edison, FL Studio’s audio editing and recording tool has received a number of exciting new capabilities including: A middle note and audio to MIDI analysis, recording for larger files has been improved, tighter integration with the FL Studio Playlist allows recorded audio to be marked and dumped to the exact location desired and a new drum loop stretching tool with improved gaps filling.

A new Envelope Sequencer has been added that provides a convenient method for create repetitive arpeggiator patterns or sequences in plug-ins that use the general purpose envelope including Sytrus and Fruity Love philter. Further, the Video Player, FPC, Fruity Wrapper, Direct Wave and Parametric EQ2 have all undergone refinements too numerous to mention here.

Interface and FL Engine

Image Line Software has made a number of enhancements to the interface, FL engine and workflow.

First, a new background score logger is constantly active in FL Studio 8, and guarantees users will never lose a keyboard performance again. The logger records all MIDI activity from controller keyboards and the typing-piano keyboard in a 3 minute rolling-buffer, at any time this can be dumped to a Piano roll.

A new multilink controller function can permanently learn and remember links between specific plugins (or FL Studio interface features) and external controllers. This means that next time the plugin is loaded the links will be automatically made.

The newly added recording filter now allows users to choose to record audio, note data independently. The Piano roll and the Playlist come with new keyboard shortcuts and functions including: Note patterns-clips and slip editing/resizing for all clip types. The sinc interpolator is also faster with 64 point sinc interpolation usable in real-time mixing, depending on the CPU. Finally in this section, OGG Vorbis audio export has been added.


The 64 stereo track mixer in FL Studio remains the most powerful in its class. FL Studio 8 introduces selected mixer track system for creating visual effects. Mouse wheel can also re-order effects.


FL8 will fit easily within your current workflow supporting VST/VSTi/VST2, DXi, DXi2, MP3, WAV, OGG, MIDI, ASIO, ASIO 2.

Additionally supported through DirectWave Editor — AKAI AKP (S5/6K,Z4,Z8), Battery (version 1), MPC, Reason, Kurzweil, EXS24, Kontakt (version 1 & 2), Recycle, SFZ+ and SoundFont2.

Editions and prices:

FL Studio is available in four editions: Express (US $ 49, download only), FruityLoops (US $ 99 download/US $ 139 boxed), Producer (US $ 199 download/US $ 269 boxed) and XXL (US $ 299 download/US $ 399 boxed).

Download versions come with lifetime free updates.

4 thoughts on “Fl Studio 8 Released

  1. I worked with all versions from first till 7th
    But I’m starving to work with this version 8.
    Thanks to programmers Great job.
    I think this 1 can be compared close to Reason

  2. Max, reason does not come close to FL8. Comparison with a tracker based sequencer and reason is plain stupid.

    FL 8 is a step closer for image line to get the respect they deserve with this product. As soon as midi export problems and recording options are solved FL 8 is a great home studio workspace. The sound engine is better then Abletons soundengine!

  3. Face it, the XXL version is great value taking into account that the synths/effects you get would cost nearly $400 alone.
    Sure it may not be as feature heavy as Sonar for example, but it’s a highly capable DAW. If Image Line would add a score editor it would be pretty much complete.

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