Orion 7.5

The long awaited version 7.5 of Orion is now available.

Key changes include:

  • New audio engine with support for multicore processors
  • Improved Workflow
  • Updated VST implementation to version 2.4
  • New limiter effect, modelled after the famous 1176LN
  • Auto-tracking EQs for easier mixing
  • xtended arpeggiator with new options
  • Creating presets for container multieffects is now possible
  • Direct Export to MP3 and OGG formats
  • Improved compatibility with Windows Vista

Orion PRO is discontinued with this release, but an upgrade to V7.5 is available. Since there is only 1 Orion version now, the “Platinum” in the name was dropped. Orion 7.5 includes all Platinum features.

It is a free update for all Orion Platinum 7 users.

One thought on “Orion 7.5

  1. At first i had some regrets about starting doing music with a program like Orion but now i’m happy cuz it lets you create every tune thats in my head :p

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