Beatesthesia – Cool New Music Visualizer

Beatesthesia is a highly customizable WYSIWYG music visualizer, inspired in motive and design by synesthesia.

It’s a free download, but is currently in beta form, so there’s a bit of a learning curve and you may encounter some weirdness.


Synesthesia has inspired many works of art. Art that is meant to evoke synesthetic associations in a non-synesthetic audience has been dubbed synesthetic. Most artists synced sound and light in their performances to achieve this goal. Their efforts were deemed arbitrary because the all relied upon one set schema for an entire audience. If it is at all possible to evoke synesthetic reactions each experience should be fine tuned to a single person.

Beatesthesia allows the user to design their own music visualization. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to easily add audio reactive graphics to either Kick Snare or Hat beats. When a beat is detected the graphical event programmed is then fired.

The interface its self is audio reactive. This increases the speed of the feedback loop. You know exactly what beat you are adding to because you can see it flashing. Beatesthesia allows anyone to create their own music visualization. There is no prior knowledge of audio manipulation or video software needed. Beatesthesia is equally capable of competing with live visual software, the VJ version features a dual display set up for live performance. You can share you creations with others, using the copy paste code system.

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