Download MixMiester Scratch For iPhone For Free

MixMiester Scratch, “the original DJ scratch tool for iPod touch and iPhone,” is now available as a free download.

It’s more of a music game than a music tool – but try to do that on a Blackberry!

To download and use MixMiester Scatch, you’ll need to be running the current versions of Apple’s iTunes and iPhone software.


MixMiester Scratch let’s you perform a scratch anywhere, anytime — even right on top of any song in your iPod Touch or iPhone.

To get started, just choose from a list of included vinyl scratch sounds and start scratching. Scratch on top of your favorite tracks by selecting music to play from your iPod or iPhone. Then load MixMeister Scratch while the music plays and you can scratch on top of your music and adjust volume of the music in real-time using the touch interface

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