Shameless Funkytown Remix Done On Old Computer Junk

bd594 put together this “shameless ripoff of James Houston’s remix of Radiohead’s Nude“, this time with Lipps, Inc’s Funkytown.

I choose Funkytown and only used computers from the early 1980’s that were destined for the Junk Yard.

This is how I got the idea for Junkytown. I also used a modem but DTMF tones are lousy for musical notes (no harmonics) but I was very lucky to find two notes that did sound good.

On your phone punch in 3 3 2 3 and you got the beginning part of the solo and the rest is history. Please note no synthesizer or audio effects were used and all the audio was recorded from either a microphone or direct line.

Some of the audio was amplified when it was mixed down because the levels were too low ie. the printer and modem. The Commodore 64 was used for the main Bass and Guitar. The Ti-99/4A was used for the second part of the solo because of the limitation of DTMF tones. It was tempting to just sample the modem but I did not in order to keep it 100% original.

Finally it was difficult to video tape the printer because it kept shaking the table so I looped the printer video in the begining of the video. The printer sometimes caused the harddrive head to shake out of sync so I inserted a screw into the mechinism and this some what helped.

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