Free Synth For The Mac – SimpleSynth

SimpleSynth is exactly what you’d think it would be, a no-frills Mac software synth designed for when you just want to play without the hassle of firing up and configuring your favorite sequencing software.

It’s got a complete general MIDI instrument set built in, and it can load Soundfonts and DLS files.

Don’t plan on doing any sound mangling – but you cant beat the price.

New in version 1.0

  • It doesn’t crash loading Soundfonts on Leopard.
  • You can reload the built-in sounds without quitting.
  • It runs native on Intel.
  • SimpleSynth and its source code are now under an MIT license.

2 thoughts on “Free Synth For The Mac – SimpleSynth

  1. I am new to MIDI so I may be doing something wrong. I recently downloaded, installed, and launched SimpleSynth on a Mac running OSX 10.6.8, and I made a USB connection between my Mac and an old M-Audio Keystation 49e that I picked up at a garage sale. The keystation lights up and the SimpleSynth program recognizes the keyboard as “Keystation 49e”, and when I play the keyboard I can just barely hear the sounds from my Mac, even though the Mac volume control and the Keystation volume control are turned up all the way. Any idea on how to make it louder? Thanks.

  2. Dan, it’s possible your keyboard is velocity-sensitive. Try hitting the keys with more force, rather than gently tapping them. (I suppose you’ve moved on from this configuration, since it’s been a couple of years since you asked your question. Oh, well. 🙂

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