New Free VST Synth For Windows Is Casiotastic

plastique is a new freeware software synth for Windows from de la mancha.

It’s a 2 oscillator subtractive synth, using the 31 waveforms from the Casio HT-700 synth and some enhancements to the originals feature set. It does lofi 80’s sounds but also so much more, with a configurable filter (up to 16 poles), a pitch envelope for percussion, an arp, tempo sync delay & LFO, chorus and some lofi instability.


  • 31 Waveforms from the Casio HT-700
  • 2 Oscs with sync and octave / semitone detune
  • Configurable Resonant Low Pass filter (2-16 poles with cut-off spread)
  • Volume and Pitch envelopes
  • Tempo sync LFO with 10 waveforms and note-on sync to modulate filter and pitch
  • Tempo sync Arp with 6 modes and adjustable octave range, note length
  • Tempo sync Delay
  • Adjustable Chorus
  • Lo fi options include reduction in quality, distortion and pitch drift
  • 64 presets from Tim Conrardy, Ouroboros & Sink

3 thoughts on “New Free VST Synth For Windows Is Casiotastic

  1. Useful plugin, but lacks a few of the features on the real thing, such as the monophonic filter ADSR. Nor does it feature the ring mod found in the HT6000. However, static filter options are considerable, LFO can now control cutoff, and there’s a superb arpeggiator which also has filter control. Other effects include midi-ed delay and chorus. Well worth downloading, because it adds something very unique.

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