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twitter_moog_logo_biggerMoog Music has announced that it’s launching a Twitter channel:

Subscribe to our Twitter Channel and keep up to date on all the latest Moog news. We’ll be Tweeting next week from The Frankfurt Musikmesse. Subscribe now and stay connected!

If you’re not already using Twitter, check it out. It’s an interesting tool for keeping up with people that you’re interested in around the world, and getting news as it happens. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Here are a few more electronic music Twitter accounts to check out, too:

  1. blindoldfreak
  2. thingstocome
  3. TrashMenagerie
  4. heartsofspace
  5. musicthing
  6. TaraBusch
  7. chris_randall
  8. cdm_blogs
  9. Mark Mosher
  10. thesonicyouth
  11. bt

If you’re already using Twitter, leave a comment with your account!

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