Monotouchlive Makes Touchscreen Control Of Ableton Live Affordable

This is a quick demo of Monotouchlive – a software alternative to the Jazzmutant Lemur.


MonoTouchLive is the first, flexible software application designed for mass produced tablet PC’s, rather than custom built machines.

The software package is a stand-alone software controller, with a six channel mixer, designed to allow control over Ableton Live with a touch screen, bringing compatibility to both Windows XP and Apple bootcamp machines. Using the touch screen interface and a normal display, the innovation is almost ready for its first release, and incorporates a crossfader, various start stop buttons, track navigation alongside effect parameters and eq in its simple yet powerful interface.

Monotouch sells for $29.

If you’ve used Monotouchlive, leave a comment with your thoughts.

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One thought on “Monotouchlive Makes Touchscreen Control Of Ableton Live Affordable

  1. I tried this in the winter since I have a touchscreen from work I “borrowed”. It works. Kinda.
    I did use it with live and while fun, your stuck with the preset layout. Pretty much everything you need is there but not everything.
    It would have been nice to let me, the user, edit the layout.
    And the layout is not very clear at times with some stuff hidden away.

    To me it felt like I was driving someone else s car. If you get what I am saying..?

    And if you don’t use live, well then it’s kind of pointless.

    BTW you can still get the “free” version here:

    Its a older version but it works just fine.
    $29 is cheap but not that cheap for what it does.
    If you DJ a lot with Live and have a spare touchscreen, why not?

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