3 thoughts on “Novation Launchpad Basics

  1. I'll be honest; it is a good improvement that instead of talking about stuff the whole time you're now actually showing stuff. Still, having said that I think you really should spend a LOT more time preparing your video(s) since this looks very odd.

    At 2:42 you tell us that a clip button turns red when recording. We'll have to believe you on that one because "you don't have any loaded in". Then I wonder; how much about Live do you really know? Notice that track 7 is armed? One press of a button there would turn it red. All you needed was one armed track, either midi (easiest) or audio (with a setup source). You didn't need to have "anything loaded in".

    Next; ok it is an obvious mistake, you did correct yourself, but I do have to keep wondering how someone familiar with Live can mix scene launch with clip lauch while you're obviously not using a clip button.

    I don't own a launchpad myself, but an APC40, yet am interested in getting one at a later time. Because of that I've read its documentation and seen quite a few video tutorials. What struck me as odd is that your tutorial follows the exact same order as the official Launchpad tutorial by 'Novation TV'. Part 2 session mode; clip launch/record, scene launch, matrix shift, mixer mode..

    I can imagine that anyone seriously interested in the launchpad has already seen those, and when seeing your video after those does make it look peculiar.

    Which, in all honesty, I'd consider a real shame because IMO you do show potential. I really disliked your first video, but this one does show a lot of improvements. You clearly show stuff in a way which makes it easy to pick up, your voice is well suited for a tutorial IMO (some people simply don't have a suiting voice which makes some tutorials annoying to look at, even though the topic can be very interesting) and I do think you're on the right track.

    My suggestions would be: take your time. I get a feeling that you somewhat rushed this video, don't. Pick a topic which interests you personally or with which you're very familiar. Then use that in your advantage. But most of all: try to stay yourself, don't try to mimic stuff.

    It doesn't matter if you let yourself being influenced or inspired by existing stuff. Just don't try to reproduce that, just use your own ways of explaining. My guess is that this would also get rid of those tiny silly mistakes you made.

    Keep it up; I bet your next video can become really interesting.

  2. maybe you should post this to his vimo page, because this isnt a synthtopia exclusive
    "but your on the right track"

  3. I got a Launchpad yesterday , and Ive been astonished at the lack of real help / support for the product. I expected there would at the very least be a PDF manual on the install disk. When I discovered there wasnt , I headed straight for the Novation Homepage , and there were a few extrememly basic and very very short videos which didnt help in the slightest.
    The reason i bought the launchpad was to use it to glitch and randomise my set on the fly as it was playing , and although from this video it certainly seems capable of doing that , I'm still unclear as to how to achieve it.
    Many thanks for this tutorial , because its the only thing i've found that goes into any detail and explains HOW to actually use it. I mean , do Novation expect me or any other buyer to instinctively know how to use it without including a manual of some sort ?
    Thanks again. Im now heading to the dsp project website to register as i'd like to see more of the future videos you promise as it may be the only way i'll figure it out…..no thanks to Novation

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