genoQs Machines Shutting Down

genoQs Machines, creators of the unique Nemo and Octopus MIDI sequencers, has announced that it it shutting down.

They posted these comments on their site:

With the recent publication of the closing of genoQs Machines GmbH by regular legal procedure, we are issuing this long overdue message to give you a realistic outlook for the future. We also want to contain the spread of inaccurate information about the circumstances that led to this, and share our view of things.

Isn’t it a bit late?

Let’s start by recognizing that by all standards of proper stakeholder communication, we could have hardly done worse than we have. However, with strong personal and private factors involved, with a lack of certainty about our own future, and most of all with lack of creativity to do a better job, we let the situation get a little carried away. Fine, maybe more than a little.

So what about the shutdown of the company?

genoQs Machines GmbH as the business operations platform is being formally retired as of January 2011, and will exist as a legal entity until the end of 2011, as “GmbH i.L.”, which means “in liquidation”. The law imposes this time frame in order to give any creditor (i.e. suppliers, customers, investors) a chance to make their claim against the company. It is important to understand that this retirement takes place following our proactive decision and action, and not because of external triggers such as legal or financial difficulties. The retirement follows our recognition that the current platform does not support any possible operation model that we see as an option for the future.

A FAQ on the shutdown is available at the GenoQs site.

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