New Misa Kitara Touchscreen Guitar MIDI Controller Demo

Misa Digital Instruments has posted a new demo for the Kitara touchscreen guitar, demonstrating sustained notes with an external software synth (zynaddsubfx).

Technical details below. 

via misadigital:

there have been lots of requests for showing the misa kitara connected to an external software synthesizer via MIDI.

so in this video I have connected the kitara to my PC running my favourite open source synthesizer – zynaddsubfx (I recommend checking it out, it has some really interesting features).

also in this video, I show you how to sustain notes – you just drag upwards and any strings you have pressed down will not stop playing when you release them.

pressing another button on the string will set the sustained note to the newly designated one.

also you can see “tap mode” in this video, where the screen is red. in this mode you can press the buttons on the neck and hear a sound, without pressing the touchpanel. it’s good for two handed tapping technique (although you can see how important using the touch panel is to re-attack the notes you are playing).

ps. use headphones if you want to hear the bass!! 🙂

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