Getting Started With Animoog – Starting With How To Pronounce ‘Moog’

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Reader Tim Webb, aka Discchord, put together a quick guide to getting started with Animoog – starting with how to pronounce ‘Moog’.

Webb calls Animoog ‘an amazing synth’. Much of Animoog’s power comes from its modulation options, which Webb digs into in his tutorial.

Watch for Webb’s ‘double tap’ tip for envelope editing, something that’s not obvious from the UI!

Note: Bob Moog wasn’t overly picky about how people pronounced his name – but he pronounced it so Moog rhymes with vogue.

12 thoughts on “Getting Started With Animoog – Starting With How To Pronounce ‘Moog’

  1. Nice tutorial… I learned a bit. Animoog seems to have raised the bar for iPad performance synths.

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  2. Don’t believe what Tim Webb tells you! It’s pronounced “anisotropic”, not “anastropic”.

    Cheeky bugger.

    A. Brit

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  3. Yea, you guys got me on my own pronunciations!

    It’s funny; like whenever someone goes into Grammar Nazi mode on the Internet they are bound to immediately make their own spelling or grammatical errors. Instant karma. If we understood why this happens we’d probably know more about the nature of the universe.

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  4. Thanks for telling everyone how to pronounce “moog.” Now will someone give Tim a tutorial on how to pronounce “anisotropic” and “timbre” – I mean, was he selecting voices or chopping down trees?

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