Carol Of The Bells, Remixed

Reader Ferenc Stenton, aka Live Action Fezz, shared his cover/remix/mashup of Carol Of The Bells.

“I used Ableton Live to track my piece using a Pro-One and a Prophet 08. The video of the bell ringers was sampled using Ableton Live,” notes Stenton. “Have a Merry Christmas!”

One thought on “Carol Of The Bells, Remixed

  1. Thumbs up! Clever and well-rendered. The only critique I have: there is just one accenting bell line you did not include, which would have given the whole piece a touch of ‘swing.’ In the original, it appears on the beat for much of the piece, just like a tubular bell strike in a larger orchestral work. Just a minor point, as I sent the link to 4 of my synth-pals for their enjoyment. This was a nice Xmas surprise item. Keep at it! You’ve got a good feel going.

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