Improvisation For Orphion + Moog Voyager

Synthesist Chris Stack improvises with the Orphion iPad app, Moog Voyager and Moog effects.

Technical details:

Stack is playing the Orphion iPad app through a Moog MF-102 Ring Modulator and MF-104Z Analog Delay. Moogerfooger parameters are controlled with the Moog Voyager Touch Surface CV outputs.

2 thoughts on “Improvisation For Orphion + Moog Voyager

  1. This is the finger-area feature that has existed in the iPad since the iPad1 first came out (and was easy to use in a robust and even hidden manner since iOS4.2). I’m glad to see an app that got approved while using it. There has been a debate for nearly *2 years* over whether this is allowed. A few people shipped with it hidden and disabled, and everybody else was too afraid to ship with it at all, and others were too afraid of losing their accounts to properly ask the question on whether it was allowed.

    I guess this means that it’s definitely allowed now? It’s a 1 line piece of code that’s well known. Is anything else shipping with it blatantly enabled?

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