Free Soft Synth For Mac, Automat, ‘Deep, Intelligently Architected & Inspiring’

Automat is a free software synth for Mac OS X that describes as “one of the deepest, intelligently architected and inspiring free plug-in synths to be developed in a long while. If you have a penchant for deep architecture, options, crazy modulation routings and loop-able envelopes – then look no further.”


  • subtractive synthesis
  • antialiased oscillators with hard-sync
  • filters and amplifier with ADSR
  • modulators with tempo sync
  • waveshaper / eq
  • stereo-delay with filter and tempo sync
  • modulated spatial effect
  • poly-, unisono and legato-mode
  • random preset generation
  • midi learn

Here’s a demo video, via tehn, that shows Automat being controlled via a monome.

You can download Automat at the Alphakanal site.

via binaryheap

3 thoughts on “Free Soft Synth For Mac, Automat, ‘Deep, Intelligently Architected & Inspiring’

  1. I love this synth and would like to use it more, but it has software issues that make me not use it. The main problem I’ve had is envelopes getting stuck in the on position, and no way to shut them off unless I disable the plug-in.

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