Ableton Live Video Tutorial – Vocal Processing With Melodyne

In this video tutorial, producer Alexander Mars looks at vocal processing with Melodyne in Ableton Live.


In this video, I want to talk about processing vocals. Not about simple compression or EQ, as this basic information can easily be found on the Internet. I want to talk about pitch processing – adjusting the notes.?Since our voice is a living instrument, which each of us have, you should enjoy singing. Many people know that it’s not easy to get the pitch right, and it often spoils your whole composition.

Today, I’ll show you a delicate pitch-correction on one of the tracks, which was released on my second project – PLAYMA. This is a Dubstep track, but to give it some personality, we decided to use vocals. We recorded it from a New Zealand artist named MC Kyla. She was quite good, but I was faced with the fact that it is not quite in tune. It is hardly noticeable, but I am a perfectionist!

As a result of various actions, showed in the tutorial, you should have a vocal track which you can work with using the dynamic processing compressor and EQ. In this video, we have learned the techniques to correctly pitch vocals. To do this you need to purchase and install Melodyne, which comes with the plugin shown in this video, Melodyne Bridge.

The video tutorial comes from XSSR Academy, an Internet-based music training company.

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