Open Source MIDI Controller For Minimoog V, The PMM

Custom MIDI Controller designer Dave Cross (60 Works) has open sourced his design for a Minimoog-V controller, The PMM.

The controller is built specifically for version 2.0 of Arturia’s Minimoog V Virtual Instrument, which was inspired from the original Minimoog.

The custom controller was developed originally for Mark B, Producer/Owner of International Feel Recordings. Now Cross has open sourced the design.

More photos below.

Cross does custom controller development and is offering to to do custom versions of the PMM controller, under a ‘name your price’ model. Parts for the PMM are approximately $1,000.

4 thoughts on “Open Source MIDI Controller For Minimoog V, The PMM

  1. yes this is nice. like the looks and the idea. but what? a grand for the parts and for the work how much? for an arturia controller? will sell three pieces.

  2. How big a chunk of that $1K is in the case? Unless the damn thing has a dozen SSM2044 chips or something, the parts shouldn’t be that much…

  3. Answer: about $550 of that money is on the case, so you can shave lots of that with DIY or some cheaper option. Another $180 on expensive MIDI solutions, you could lower this a little bit by doing your own MIDI implementation on your microcontroller of choice, or take some design from other open source projects such as MIDIbox (which has been open sourcing this kind of this for ages).

    Those rocker switches are definitely a lovely match for the originals, though.

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