DJ Shakey & Her VoltAxe Controller For Ableton Live

Saturday Synth PornDubspot had controllerist Julie Covello, better known as DJ Shakey of NYC’s Warper Party, in for a set as part of the final week of their Ableton Live educational program.

In this video, Covello explains her custom Ableton Live controller, the VoltAxe. The Voltaxe combines multiple controllers into one to create a dual-necked Franken-controller. It was built with a Novation Launchpad, two USB MIDI controlers from Korg NanoSeries 2, Kensington Expert Pro Turbo Trackball Mouse, acustom eyepiece, foam board and custom cabling power.

via DubSpot

3 thoughts on “DJ Shakey & Her VoltAxe Controller For Ableton Live

  1. Shakey is awesome, this woman is one of the epicenters of DIY and Electronic Music in NYC and the world. I had the privilege of playing at the Warper Parties twice while living in New York and it was all because of her. You go Girl!

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