Get A Free Minimoog Software Synth From Arturia!

For today only, Arturia will be giving away a special version of Minimoog-V.

The free version of Minimoog-V Original offers 1,000 presets and features from the latest Minimoog- V update (Version 2.5).

You can download Minimoog-V for free via the Arturia site or via Facebook.

We’re hoping that  Arturia’s got some major web servers handling their site, because they are about to feel the awesome power of a fully operational ‘Synthtopia effect’.

Get it while it’s free, synth fans!

64 thoughts on “Get A Free Minimoog Software Synth From Arturia!

  1. I guess you have to wait for them to email you a download link?

    I was finally able to get their site to load, and it re-directed me to their facebook page..

  2. After persistence, I finally got my minimoog!!! I feel lucky. Now I need another midi controller. Or a quick way to switch channels. So far I have two moog softsynths and have only spent 99 cents. If only I could luck into the hardware that easily. Thanks, synthtopia! Were it not for this site, I would not have gotten such great deals. Animoog for 99 cents, MiniMoog for free!

    1. Thanks for the kind words – we do what we can.

      Both Moog apps are great software synths – and you can’t beat the price.

    2. Just seeing the name Animoog hurts me so deep right now! I woke up this morning with an idea floating around in my head so i opened up Animoog and it keeps crashing.I love my ios apps but at times like this Im very glad that my primary instruments are not ios devices. Arturia’s Minimoog V is excellent!

      1. so unless they give you it for free you’ll just steal it because it’s easier?

        You could always support the development of new products from Arturia and pay for a copy….

  3. Requires Facebook…I don’t use Facebook and I’m not about to sign up for it now just to get a free VST even if it is a Moog. Oh well.

  4. You don’t actually need Facebook. Just persistence. I had to repeatedly reload the page. It was difficult, but it still took way less time than it does to earn the money to buy the softsynth.

    1. That has changed. The Arturia site no longer lets you acquire the instrument. No amount of persistence will help. The link is gone.

  5. Love it! How cool of Arturia to release it for free!!! Think of all the synths being played tomorrow on computers around the world 🙂

    Oh, and if you’ve registered it on their website, but can’t get the torrent download links to work I uploaded them to my website 🙂 I figured it might help some of you once the web wreaks havok on their servers.

  6. Just a heads up, I was able to grab the setup file by typing in Google the following:

    “minimoogv_original.exe” alternative link


  7. @D1n0 Thanks for letting me know. Windows 7 Ultimate has the ability to run programs in XP mode so I guess that’s the difference.

  8. The servers are melting but it took me about 15 mins of refreshing and waiting and the page does pop up eventually. Installed on Lion – all good. Thanks Synthopia and Arturia.

    All in all it has been a great summer for music software – Ableton, Max on sale and a Minimoog emu for free. I hope this turns into a yearly thing. It’s great!!

  9. I don´t understand the hype around this synth. It´s a limited piece of software/hardware and look, it´s a VST, so it can´t sound as warm as the original minimoog. If you want true analog sound, invest some money in Uhe´s Diva. Until then, [email protected] “offer”.

    1. Really. Have you tried it. It sounds awesome. Even Sound on Sound said it sounded just like a real minimoog. And they are giving this away free. Amazing.

    2. Fortunately when a musician chooses an instrument, it is their choice alone. If all musicians had to agree first, the world would be silent of music.

  10. This is messed up…FB sets up a redirect to sign up for an app called Sweepstakes that wants my profile info. No chance!

  11. How come some people could get the DL link right away, and I have to wait up to 48 hours for the email? Thanks for blueballsing me Arturia.

  12. Hey, guys, I thought you might be interested in a track I recorded today using minimoog-v original… (Actually three separate instances of it.)

    To the guy above complaining about the sonics of vst, I recorded all this at netbook running Ableton Live Intro, I played all parts via qwerty-keyboard, and it took half an hour of my time at max. If you are able to achieve better sound using true analog, please share a link (or send a tape, to make sure no D/A converters destroyed your hard work) and we will all listen.

    1. Hard to tell from your recording, it could be any generic VST, but its a good example of how bland a lot of modern electronic music is.

  13. I got the email with activation code but When I click on the download link I get a 273kb DMG that I can’t open. How big is this file supposed to be? The exe and DMG are both the same size.

  14. Same here prog. soul.. Yes are not alone…Damn frenchies.. Having too much sex. And letting their women not shave…

  15. Got the exe (273 bytes?… is that how big it’s meant to be??) but it won’t let me run it. keeps tell me it can’t access the data location and that I may not have the correct permissions… What the???

  16. I was lucky and got my codes and downloads before their servers collapsed. What the story with this? Will the missing features ever be unlocked? Arturia have lots of new users, they can’t be doing this simply for Facebook likes.

    1. I think they planned this outcome from the start: redirect traffic to Facebook and pull the bait-and-switch tactic (like us first, then agree to a third-party marketing app). Can we say ‘d#@chbags’ on Synthtopia?

  17. Looks like i’ll have to grab the HBN version. I tried al day yesterday from 8am to 11pm. No code. Scammed to their fb page. Instead of creating friends they create enemies from this shiesty move.

  18. I was also one of the lucky folks who downloaded directly off the Arturia site at 8pm PST (which was towards the beginning of when they opened things up in Europe for this deal). It was slow, and took 20 minutes to finally get my codes and such… but worked. I already have an Arturia keyboard and several of their other AU instruments. This installed right along side those, and came mapped to the keyboard (ADSL, Filter Resonance, and 6 other controls). It added 1000 pre-made patches to what I had, with somewhat limited editing (you miss out on extended arpeggio, filter, and an extra LFO AFAIK.. by not having access to the extra panel). Definitely an excellent deal for the folks who were able to get in on it. They must have been caught off guard by the number of folks who heard about it. Switching the download/signup to Facebook happened several hours after the start, or I would have passed. Think that was a mistake. It makes sense that they needed to offload some of the server hits to another place — but FB? Too bad really. I hope they decide to re-open the deal, and figure out a different mechanism for signup. This turned a generous offering into a public relations black eye…

  19. I don’t see whats wrong with them exchanging a ‘like’ on FB for some free software. It seems the offer has been more popular than they imagined, so understandable that they had to redirect the traffic to their FB page to keep their commerical site open to potential customers. I still don’t have my codes but their homepage does say it can take 48hrs. So I will wait patiently. Merci Arturia! 🙂

    1. The problem with requiring people to join Facebook is that not everyone wants to be on Facebook, most often because of Facebook’s rather cavalier attitude towards privacy. Once you join Facebook, you can disable your account, but Facebook keeps it around forever, just in case. If you’re just making a fake Facebook profile (as many people do), then having FB involved at all is just a needless annoyance.

      The problem with bribing people with free stuff to get them to “like” something on Facebook is that it turns the “like” button into a “get free stuff and spam your friends” button.

      1. I appreciate not everyone has or wants a FB account. I am not personally a fan of FB for the reasons you give. Perhaps they should have offered a standard mailing list sign up that you could opt out later. I have my code now. Thanks synthesis and Arturia! 🙂

  20. Great freebie! It sounds awesome! Thanks a lot Arturia! I really do not understand the haters and the bashers of Arturia softsynths!

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