Should Synthtopia Update Its Masthead, Or Have A ‘Makeover Monday’?

Over the years, we’ve had a couple of designers contact us to say “I love your site……but here’s a new masthead.”

We figure that’s the nice way of saying that the current masthead looks like it was state of the art for the 80’s.

The first proposed masthead, above, was created by reader Roland Onodi. The second, below, was created by reader Brook Boley.

These give us three ideas:

  1. We could spend some time on a site redesign/update;
  2. We could add a ‘makeover Monday’ feature, where we would feature a banner that highlights the work of readers like Onodi and Boley; or
  3. We could rotate the masthead and try to do variations on a theme, like MTV used to do with its logo.

What do you think? Should we explore one of these options? Or is the masthead irrelevant to you – you come here for the synth news?

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68 thoughts on “Should Synthtopia Update Its Masthead, Or Have A ‘Makeover Monday’?

  1. I like the idea of a rotating banner, but think somehow standardising it would be smart, like height and with, and static. Also it could link to some synthrelated historical that inspired the banner or to an online synth or maybe even by click-on played an mp3 generated from that image, as some software can do. Smart to add this as it brings up the curious visitors rate.

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  2. To be honest the whole site looks a bit dated, not just the “masthead”.
    I like the idea of rotating user-created variations!
    As for the rest of the site, it would already look a lot fresher if you had less link-overkill / information overload and less dense menus.

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  3. Content here in Synthtopia is top notch, but site needs an overhaul. I like Roland’s design, it’s fresh.

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  4. Haha, I was actually thinking about writing to you guys about this. Offering my service as a designer. But apparently others did the same. Please make this site more pleasant to look at. More suitable for the modern space age 🙂 At least the Masthead.

    Love the site, though. Great content. Rock on! 🙂

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  5. There’s nothing wrong with your original masthead, but then there’s nothing wrong with variety and reader participation either. So yeah…bring on the makeover Mondays! 🙂

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  6. The content on the site is great. But frankly, the design is out-of-date.

    Changing the header is a good start. But, really, revising the text styling, the layout, and the header, to make a unified whole, is what’s needed.

    Getting a lot out of the site though!

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  7. If you guys are going to have a rotating masthead, maybe it would be a good idea to provide guidelines for submissions such as pixel width/height, use of imagery, and acceptable color schemes.

    As it stands, I think the current masthead would fit in much better with the rest of the site if the site had a darker color scheme. Here’s a quick draft I made to see how that would look:

    It’s far from perfect, of course, but you can see how everything begins to compliment itself a little better. In fact, like others have mentioned, I think a complete site overhaul spearheaded by the graphical elements of the new masthead would be a great direction to go in. What do you guys think?

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  8. There’s gotta be a synth in the masthead. And it has to be at least as cool as the CS-80. As for the layout, it doesn’t bug me. Content is king and the layout doesn’t get in the way.

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  9. I’ve also felt that the current masthead is dated. I also agree that it should clearly show a synth in some way. A rotating masthead would be fun, but I think it’s important that a consistent Synthtopia logo is established and always included (MTV used variants, but it was always utilizing a consistent logo). Maybe an updated Synthtopia logo itself could integrate a synth theme so that the other artwork could be more flexible.

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