9 thoughts on “Adrian Utley (Portishead) On The Arturia MiniBrute

  1. It’s all very well putting up videos like these, but who is going to pay for me to get the drool off my shirt and tie?

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  2. Its a very nice synth, with nothing major to complain about, but it makes me idly wonder… how many true analog synths are enough? Yeah, I know, its a trick question, there’s no upward number for that, but seriously, if you have a Minibrute, a Tetra and a MoogerFooger filter, aren’t you pretty well “set?” I don’t mean traditional modulars, which are in a different discussion bracket. I mean the brave new breed of synths like this one. Where’s the line between being sufficiently empowered and mere GAS? I’ve played most of the synths you can name and IMO, about any 3 analogs from different makes has you covered. Agree? Disagree?

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  3. So much more here than you get in your usual retail piker doing a review video. Fantastic. Moar pleez.

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