Adrian Utley (Portishead)’s Studio Tour

Source visited Portishead’s Adrian Utley in his home studio to get his reactions to the Arturia MiniBrute analog synth. While there, they also captured this tour of Utley’s studio and demos of his enviable collection of vintage synthesizers.

7 thoughts on “Adrian Utley (Portishead)’s Studio Tour

  1. I watched the video without sound and it sure seemed to me that his whole demeanor changed for the better when he got around to the EMS VCS-3. If I had to pick any synth in that room, that’s what I’d choose.

    1. As iconically 60s/70s the VCS-3 is, having played with one on several occasions, I think I’d go for the MiniBrute instead…

  2. Cool collection and I’m a big fan of Portishead, but I’m always shocked when someone who has so much gear mispronounces Moog.

  3. Hey Adrian, ex-Kenton, worked on your synths in the 90’s. Eternally grateful for the cd’s. Px

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