Is This Raspberry Pi Synth The Smallest Polyphonic Synth In The World?

This video captures a sneak preview of Piana software synth, currently in development, running on a Raspberry Pi computer with a Teeny Tiny TV display.

Is this the world’s smallest hardware synth? According to the developer, the entire system will be approx 3-4 cubic inches:

I wonder – is this thing really the smallest ‘real’ synth, or specifically rich functionality polysynth, in the whole wide world? There aren’t many computer platforms that can kick hard with a smaller form-factor than this, and certainly the performance per square cm of desktop area of this thing is such that it’s a leading contender for smallest synthesizer-capable computer platform. I’d like to get these tiny TVs – to be honest, stupid impulse purchases just to see if they made any sense at all – integrated in a better way. It should be possible to get a good, usable UI in place on the tiny panel, as long as if it’s context-sensitive and doesn’t try to keep everything on screen at once.

So that’s my next goal – or my next-but-one – turn the combination of Pi plus Teeny Tiny TV into something that really makes sense as a platform,

‘Raspberry Pi’ is an ARM GNU/Linux computer designed to be a complete, minimal computer system and to be extremely inexpensive (around $25).

10 thoughts on “Is This Raspberry Pi Synth The Smallest Polyphonic Synth In The World?

  1. not just with this but with other types of computers, we are getting to the same point people are with cameras. you can get a good DSLR for not much money but a good lens is going to cost you twice what you paid for the camera body. If not more in some cases.
    I think its the same with software now. you can go get a cheap laptop than will run most if not all of today’s software but any serious software is going to cost you more than the hardware.
    i love the idea of the pi but its the same idea taken to the extreme.

  2. “Piana software synth” … “Is this the world’s smallest hardware synth?” Er no, it’s not a hardware synth at all! You had it right in the first sentence 😉

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