The First Commercial Moog Synthesizer

the first commercial moog synthesizer

Saturday Synth Porn: This vintage modular is the first commercial Moog synthesizer sold.

It was built by Robert Moog (1934-2005), using pear tree wood from his own back yard in New York. It has three control panels, a five-octave keyboard with fifteen knobs, a wood stand, and pedals. It was originally commissioned and owned by New York-based dance choreographer Alwin Nikolais. The Moog modular synthesizer came with hand-written instructions from Moog on how to use it.

The synth is now part of the Stearns Collection of musical instruments at the University of Michigan.

7 thoughts on “The First Commercial Moog Synthesizer

  1. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly harbour more admiration for Bob Moog,I see this beautiful modular synth.The cabinet of which,”made from the pear tree from his own back yard”.Wow.

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  2. I hope it still gets played. doesn’t get trapped in a glass cabinet for the rest of its life.

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    • I work for the university and was a student here. It mostly stays under glass and hasn’t really been maintained, but it was recently sampled by a professor in our audio studio. Some modules are only partially functional, but a lot of it still works. Few in the university care about it as anything more than a curiosity and historical artifact,

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