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  1. Sorry. I get overzealous sometimes in my eager attempts to prove people wrong. It’s what i do to feel better about my life. It’s my shortcut alternative for developing into a good musician.

  2. Sorry, I’m not a native speaker, so I’m not sure about the idiomatic sense of this discussion. Anyway, I’m sure what you can do with NLog in terms of effect processing in AudioBus:

    You run the audio simply through the master effects of NLog. So, you have reverb, 4-band EQ, phaser, flanger, chorus, stereo delay and some simple shaper for distortion. You can save specific effects settings like a normal synth patch. In the App-Sound video he just choose from some factory sounds to get their effects settings. Of course, you can tweak all parameter in the UI (not shown in the video). And, if you like to, you can still play the synth from on screen or via virtual MIDI while being in AudioBus inserted as effect.


  3. is it just me, or does this ‘tutorial’ points out the very obvious just to get a brandname of a samplepack under attention?

  4. I’m getting bored with Synthtopia promoting Audiobus in half of the posts. Sounds like you were paid for this… I understand this is a powerful tool, but you’re not forced to do their promotion every day.

      1. Synthtopia could use some kind of “excluding” filter for Apple news, because really there are people who come here for synths stuff and don’t particularily care about Apple news.

        I personnally find it sad that Apple news have replaced plugin news (kinda), there’s so much plugins that could’ve been covered here but Apple is taking all the place.

        1. What we really need is a filter to get rid of all the whiny Apple-bashing!

          And last I checked, Synthtopia wasn’t covering Apple, it was covering synths and electronic music gear, whether they were hardware or software.

          1. Apple bashing? Its true I forgot, one may not dare speak against Apple or else it will be interpreted as “whiny bashing” by their followers.

            Before accusing me of “Apple bashing”, you should count how many Apple article there was in the last two weeks compared to the non-Apple articles.

            There were more articles about Apple in the past two weeks than articles about everything else, this is a fact, not “bashing”.

            1. Oh and before you also accuse me of “Synthtopia bashing”, understand that this is merely a suggestion. Engadget has an “exclude Apple news” filter, and its not a bad thing.

            2. It’s pointless Apple-bashing when you complain about Synthtopia covering too much ‘Apple news’, when NONE of the music apps that Synthtopia has covered recently was created by Apple.

              They’re apps created by Korg, Propellerhead, Moog – and lots of smaller developers doing interesting work.

            3. Not criticizing your comment because it’s anti-Apple, I’m criticizing it because you’re ranting about ‘followers’ – while asking for your news to be censored.

          2. I didn’t realize audiobus was made by apple. Censoring the news…. Wow…. It’s come to that now??
            Some people take that shit way too seriously and as a representation of who they are. Sad

            1. Well technically Synthtopia is censoring their news by only covering what they like which is ok because its a blog and its the nature or blogs to covers topics they like, and its up to us the users to check multiple blogs if we want to get all the news (which is why I still look at KVR for audio software news).

              Its not that I’m too serious, its that everytime someone is suggesting or criticizing Apple it is perceived as whining, what is it that you guys don’t understand that products evolves because of criticism and suggestions? There wouldn’t be any Core Midi if people had not whined about wanting MIDI in IOS, why don’t you guys cannot grasp such a simple concept?

              1. There’s constructive criticism – and then there’s using every iOS post as an excuse to rant about Apple and it’s ‘followers’. That gets old!

                Last I checked, this post was about Audiobus.

                1. I don’t think it got old yet, especially when a simple suggestion like “Synthtopia could use some kind of excluding filter for Apple news” is seen as whining and not constructive criticism. May you please tell me how would you phrase such a suggestion correctly without looking like an anti-something then?

                  I’m a long time Synthtopia reader first time poster, but probably the last time too because things gets out of proportion really quick with you guys when it comes to Apple. I never saw similar reactions to criticism to Moog, Arturia and other companies and products.

                  1. What’s whiny is suggesting that people come here for ‘synth stuff’ not ‘Apple news’.

                    Most of would consider coverage of Animoog, Korg iMS-20, Magellan, Grain Science, AudioBus, and Sunrizer to be ‘synth stuff’.

                    If I want Apple news, I’ll go to Apple Insider or Mac Rumors. For ‘synth stuff’, though, Synthtopia is hard to beat!

                  2. sockit – not sure how newsworthy the 50th freeware minimoog clone is, or the blurry cam footage either.

                    Is there something that you think is cool or newsworthy about these links?

                    1. “not sure how newsworthy the 50th freeware minimoog clone is”

                      Just like some of us are not sure how newsworthy the 50th Audiobus app update really is. If you knew who the Elektrostudio guys are you’d also be excited knowing its not “just another freeware minimoog clone”.

                      “or the blurry cam footage either.”

                      You think the guy who is actually using IOS, Android, Windows 7 and Windows 8 at the same time is of no interests to anyone? Yes its not the greatest track (its noise music after all), but please provide us with better videos of people using every modern touch platforms at once as you seem to know a lot of them, we would be delighted.

                      “Is there something that you think is cool or newsworthy about these links?”

                      Yes I do, just like all the other music blogs who covered it thought too, do you think I just found them by myself?

    1. I have this built in content filter called “eyes and a brain.” When I see a headline about something I am not interested in, I don’t click on it.

  5. I find it a bit disappointing that incoming audio cannot be sent through the filter?

    Anyway, keep in mind you can hit additional notes on NLog even when using it as fx.

      1. Yes i remember having read about the mic, speaker, and non audiobus app interconecction in the manual. But i couldn’t wrap my head around it, so i’m looking forward to the article. Thanks.

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