Korg Turns 50 – What’s Korg’s Best Synthesizer Yet?

korg-50-anniversaryIn 2013, Korg celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Founded by Tsutomu Katoh, Korg released their first product in 1963, the Disc Rotary Electric Auto Rhythm machine Doncamatic DA-20. In 1973, Korg introduced their first synth, the MiniKorg.

Since then, Korg has had an impressive run. They’ve released a steady stream of electronic music gear, including classics like the MS-20, the PolySix, the WaveStation and the VC-10 Vocoder. And they have had their share of modern hits, with the Electribe line, Kaoss pads, the microKorg, the Radias and others.

What do you think Korg’s best synth or piece of electronic music gear has been from their first 50 years?

64 thoughts on “Korg Turns 50 – What’s Korg’s Best Synthesizer Yet?

  1. I have some more toys from them, the first Electribe, TR61 small workstation, kaoss pad… But definitely MS-2000 has taught me so many things!

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  2. Give me the 800DV anytime I had my first one when I was 19 I now have 3 and none of them look anything like original

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  3. By far, the Korg MS-2000 is their pinnacle. I really LOVE that synth. Why, in God’s Name, did Korg have to come out with that Radias and only keep that crappy Microkorg, I’ll never know. And the latter one — why did it come out? Less is not always more. But still their best synths are MS-20, the PS series, Polysix, Mono/Poly, and MS-2000.

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