Pittsburgh Modular Intros Bender Dual LFO

bender-modulePittsburgh Modular has introduced Bender – a dual voltage controlled low frequency oscillator, built around two triangle core, wide range, low frequency waveform generators.

A low frequency cousin to PM’s Generator, this multipurpose signal generator can provide the basis of a wide range of complex modulations ideal for amplitude, frequency and timbral modulation.

The Bender module is split into two separate voltage controlled LFOs. Each LFO is controlled by a separate rate konb, range switch, control voltage input attenuator, and variable waveshape knob.

The two LFOs of the Bender module are wired together internally for frequency cross modulation. The Variable Waveform output of each LFO is wired to the Rate CV input of the other. This controlled feedback loop creates everything from rhythmic patterns to wild, chaotic modulations. The internal connections can be broken by inserting a patch cable in the Rate CV Input jack.

The Bender module is priced at US $139, and is expected to be available in February.

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