Free Music Friday – PSGirl’s Cyberpunk ‘Notes On Dystopia’

Free Music Friday: Reader Silvia Alonso Pérez, aka PSGirl, has released her album, Notes On Dystopia, as a ‘name your price’ download at BandCamp.

Notes On Dystopia features ten tracks inspired by science fiction, physics, retro video games and cyberpunk concepts. 

PSGirl, from Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), has been creating electronic music since 1994. She describes her music as’ electro, experimental, retro sounds, 8 bits, vocoders…. electronic music from another point of view.’

6 thoughts on “Free Music Friday – PSGirl’s Cyberpunk ‘Notes On Dystopia’

  1. (I do wish selecting to comment wouldn’t take you away from the article. It interrupts the music, or video, as the case may be.)
    This is some fine stringing together of adverse sounds. Makes me want to get up and move like Boris Karloff. Soon as I find work, I’m buying all this lady’s albums. Oooooh, man, I can’t stop moving. RRRRRRRR, sound gooooood…. huh, huh, huh, huh…

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  2. It’s name your price on Band Camp, must have a dollar or some thing lying around : ) … or pick $0 and make sure to pay double when you d/load the next album : )

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  3. awesome sounds! great drum samples or whatever is used
    for percussion. will listen to the other album on BC as well. keep it up. thank you!

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  4. I many thanks for sharing this good information. I always want and also love reading quality contents. Keep sharing. Best wishes for your own further efforts.

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