Using A Hammond B3 To Send Coded Messages By Ham Radio

Here’s something Jimmy Smith never tried – using a Hammond B3 organ to send coded message via HAM radio.

Forrest Cook developed Tonewriter – an experimental system that uses an Arduino and a Hammond B3 organ to encode text as a series of audio tones. The messages can then be displayed on a spectrogram – used by ham radio operators to visualize the audio that is received by a radio receiver. 

Normally, the digitized audio data is fed into a decoder program. The tones generated with Tonewriter, though, can be directly read as characters in the waterfall display.

We’re still partial to more traditional uses of the B3 – but you can find out more about Tonewriter at Cook’s site.

4 thoughts on “Using A Hammond B3 To Send Coded Messages By Ham Radio

  1. This might be illegal to do. It is illegal to broadcast music under a ham radio license. It might be legal as an experimental mode as long as there is an interest and programs to decode the tones.

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