PPG WaveMapper Review – ‘An Incredibly Deep Synthesizer’

Francis Preve offers his take on Wolfgang Palm’s new PPG WaveMapper for iPad in the latest issue of Keyboard magazine.

Preve calls WaveMapper ‘an incredibly deep synthesizer’ and praises its user-friendly approach to patch-creation:

Palm takes an elegantly simple concept – mixing and matching important aspects of multiple synth patches – and implements them in a manner that’s strikingly like a board game.

Under the hood is a three-oscillator synthesis engine with a sweet sounding resonant lowpass filter, stereo amplifiers, a delay, and a bunch of performance features like multiple LFOs and a groovy little arpeggiator/sequencer. But with WaveMapper’s approach to synthesis, the intricacies of all of these parameters are a moot point. Yes, they’re there if you want to build your sounds the old-fashioned way, but if you’re new to sound design you can dive in and create your own sounds with extraordinary ease.

See Preve’s full review in the latest issue of Keyboard or at the magazine site.

And, if you’ve used WaveMapper, let us know your take on it!