Strymon BigSky Reverb + Synths

Peter Dyer (keyboardist for Aloe Blacc and Avicii) stopped by the Strymon shop and recorded several BigSky Reverberator / synth audio demos. He brought along some very cool synths, ranging from a Prophet 12 to the inexpensive Korg Volca Keys to the rare Therevox ET 4.3.

Details below. 

Technical Details:

  • 00:14 — Reflections — Dave Smith Prophet 12
  • 00:42 — Bloom — Dave Smith Prophet 12
  • 01:11 — Nonlinear — Nord Stage 2
  • 01:37 — Reflections — Nord Stage 2
  • 02:06 — Cloud — Dave Smith Prophet 12
  • 02:41 — Magneto — Dave Smith Prophet 12
  • 03:27 — Cloud — Dave Smith Prophet 12
  • 04:18 — Spring — Nord Stage 2
  • 04:40 — Bloom — Nord Stage 2
  • 05:10 — Chorale — Korg Volca Keys
  • 06:08 — Shimmer — Korg Volca Keys
  • 06:53 — Hall — Arturia Microbrute
  • 07:44 — Plate — Arturia Microbrute
  • 08:24 — Cloud — Therevox ET 4.3
  • 09:14 — Shimmer — Therevox ET 4.3
  • 09:46 — Shimmer — Nord Stage 2
  • 10:24 — Hall — Nord Stage 2

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16 thoughts on “Strymon BigSky Reverb + Synths

  1. The BigSky sounds fantastic! Is there anything comparable as a standalone hardware reverb? The only thing I’ve seen similar is the Valhalla + Tiptop Z DSP, and that’s $500+ and Euro vs standalone.

    1. The Line6 Verbzilla does a lot of the same things for much less money (go to ebay). There are not as many modulation options, but it gets the job done for me! I was originally torn between the two, but having gotten the verbzilla I am very satisfied with it.

    2. Check out the Zoom MS-70CDR, it has some shockingly damn close models of both the Eventide and Strymon $400-$500 boxes and costs waaaaaay less.

  2. Proof that even inexpensive instruments can be made to sound amazing with good quality effects. The Volca and Microbrute were excellent.

    This or an Eventide Space???

  3. Really nice. So good, it’s almost cheating. 🙂

    Here’s a video I did of the BigSky with a Bass Station II and Fender Rhodes.

  4. The Big Sky is a stunning sounding reverb. It is great to see all the knobs/real time control.
    This reverb seem to wipe the floor with all other reverbs.

  5. I wish more manufacturers would release desktop size fx for synths, I use alot of guitar pedals but it would be nice if they had a soft touch on/off button and flat profile, with all the jacks on the rear.

  6. Wow that thing sounds beautiful.. This is also a better-than-average demo for a lot of those synths, too. Nice to see a guy with some real chops who knows how to use them to good effect.

  7. I think that the Space has more echo and crazy modulation to it, based on what I’ve heard from using its presets, it felt a lot less predictable and difficult to figure out how to properly apply it. I’m definitely more interested in the BigSky since it has a more airy and etherial sound to it, would be great for making pad sounds. I also like the sustain/freeze function.

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