Audio Realism Announces ABL 3 Software 303 Clone (Teaser)

In a bit of AIRA counter-programming, Audio Realism today announced ABL3 – the latest version of its software TB-303 clone.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

More 303? We’re going to have it.

From the release of ABL1 in 2003 to ABL2 in 2007 we’re still striving to raise the bar in analog modeling and more specifically 303 emulation.

n 2014 we plan on raising this bar even further.

At this point, they haven’t announced much more than this teaser video. The release date for ABL3 is to be announced.

29 thoughts on “Audio Realism Announces ABL 3 Software 303 Clone (Teaser)

    1. Agreed, it’s not a demo for a distortion pedal. I noticed that both this and the Aira demos omit that distinctive 303 wow accent sound. I’m sure that both can do this but I’d be interested to hear how well they both do this. Both AR and Roland have some real expertise behind them so I’d like to see them lay their cards on the table and let us hear some good quality, dry recordings.

        1. I meant the sound you get when Cutoff and Env Mod are at minimum, Resonance and Accent are at maximum. This is where you can hear it ‘wow’ and the accent build working. I know ABL can do this but I’ve yet to hear an Aira demo like this.

  1. Software hosts (computers) need upgrading more than hardware. It seems really lame that this comes on the coat tails of hardware .
    Not quite the same world as real life objects and real time sound manipulation.
    each to their own maybe .

  2. That doesn’t sound good like Analog. I want my Analog. It sounds digital and thin. Wah cry wah. Digital sucks. Analog this and Analog that etc etc.

    1. Yeah, I’m so sick of these vague marketing words like “warmer”. Someone give a real technical definition of what “warm” actually is and some dsp engineer will replicate it. But really “warm” is just a bogus thing analog synth peddlers use to hype their overpriced relics.

          1. not really.
            also, throwing around buzzwords like “snakeoil” isn’t bringing up a decent discussion on the topic.
            elaborate more, plx!
            inb4 posting youtubelinks isn’t bringing the discussion any further, too
            the full part is here:

            1. well, there’s plenty you can argue with what he said. first ridiculous thing, complaining protools only records at 192khz, is he saying a protools system can’t record his synth? or what unless you have an antique fully analog recording museum you can’t record it? absurd. moreover, does he think a digital system can’t produce sines about 20khz? of course they can and if anyone thought this would make it sound good they would, there’s nothing stopping a digital synth from going to some useless high rate, if anyone thought it sounds good they would. seriously, people making digital synths like access, u-he, native instruments, etc. need to push back against this ridiculous analog propaganda that is getting spread by synth peddlers, probably with moog foundation behind the scenes of most of it. oh yea, bonus round, analog does not have “infinite resolution” because it eventually the signal to noise ratio is gonna get too shitty and you’re not gonna get anything useful out of it…i seriously cannot wait for this damn analog bubble to pop, it’s gettin silly.

    2. I don’t really care what sounds analog or digital…. I just want sounds/plugins/gear that makes me want to play more. If its sounds great then I tend to play with it more. The last day or so with the whole Roland thing made me realize how crazy we synth lovers get about sound. I have plugins that sound incredible but so does an actual Juno106.

      Let me say the one Vst this last year that i really loved the sound of and have played with for countless hours was the D16 groups Lush-101 The sound is great but also the interface has that something that makes you want to dig in.

  3. yeah sure, the 303 is so dead people are still talking about it 30 years later, and stupid idiots like you are still complaining.

    You care more about it than you’d like to admit.

  4. Acid is absurd thats why we like it. So much dull boring music is meant to be ‘ clever’ but it is dull. Acid house is where its at and has remained at for many many years.
    Software is not my bag but acid is.
    Great to see the genre still offending boring people.

  5. in the very beginning at low resonance the bass line in the back sounded nice, once the resonance got cranked it was like sharp distortion overdrive all over my ears but not in a very pleasant way, i’m sorry

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing what Audio Realism does. I have both the ABL2 and a real TB-303. I don’t often pull out the hardware unit unless the 303 line is front and center and the main focus, but I could easily have used the plugin for the task. The people who know I have a real 303 will listen to my tracks and never ask my if that a plugin and they all assume it is the hardware unit, but guess what — it isn’t. Don’t tell anyone though! I’m looking forward to the ABL3 being released.

  7. I also have a hardware TB-303 and I have to say that Audio Realism’s emulation is the most accurate of the software versions out there. I still use their TechnoBox app (iPhone) to work up ideas that I can then program into the hardware. Thank you, Audio Realism, for a great product that continues to give me inspiration.

  8. aira product line remains digital in nature, so discrete, and has a finite set of inputs and outputs. the original equipment was analog, continuous and as such had an infinite set of inputs and outputs. temperature, use, humidity and other environment conditions, component batches, etc all had and have an influence on the final sound. that is why after 30 years most 303’s, 909’s and 808’s wont sound the same when compared nor will they sound the same during a gig. HOWEVER, i do believe roland’s emulation is of the U-He DIVA sorts, and even implemented in dsp’s. this might give it enough “warmth”, but moreover enough randomness that are almost unnoticeable by the ear and body, but will be picked up eventually by the crowds. the proof of the pudding will be in the eating, and for 500 bucks, who gives a shit….

  9. What the hell is the point of making a ABL3, instead of just updating the ABL2 to make it better?
    So now we have to buy a different and “new” instrument, to get a more accurate ABL2 after all these years?

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