9 thoughts on “Benge – Being John Carpenter 2

  1. let me guess, not enough guitar shredding in this video for you?
    or maybe not enough notes being played on his electric bass guitar?
    Sometimes I wonder if people even listen to music anymore, you know actually you had absolutely no credibility to speak of until the moment you mentioned the plaidness of his shirt, it was at that very moment that your genius was revealed and that the heavens opened up and the guffaw, of God descended down upon us all.

  2. Really tasty in the quieter parts. Yes it’s a lot of equipment for a fairly simple track but it really does sound lovely so who cares.

  3. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Benge and all I can say is it should be against the law for someone with so much knowledge to be so humble . This guy knows enough about synths to make a mere mortals head explode. I even had the nerve to try to clue him in on an ipad synth app, I think it was animoog lol and he showed no outward signs of how ridiculous he must have thought the words he was hearing were. I didn’t realize who I was talking too until after our meeting, thank goodness he wasn’t there to see how embarrassed I was. You’d be hard pressed to meet somebody who knows their shit so well and is so down to earth and if I ever get another chance encounter like that I’m going to pick his brain like an afro!

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