The Moog Apollo Synthesizer

In this set of videos for the Bob Moog Foundation, synthesist Marc Doty offers his take on the history of the rare Moog Apollo synthesizer.

Along the way, he explains the convoluted relationships of the Apollo to the Polymoog Synthesizer, the Polymoog Keyboard and even the Moog Constellation of synthesizers.

The first video of the series looks at the history and functionality of the Moog Apollo.

The second video, below, explores the Apollo voices.

6 thoughts on “The Moog Apollo Synthesizer

  1. I bet Moog is preparing us for the next polyphonic synth! Please, oh please do it! Give us the Memorymoog 2! Oh yes, here take my money, take my wife. Or would you prefer my soul?

    1. A) Moog Music and The Bob Moog Foundation (who produced this video) are completely independent organizations, and are frequently at odds with each other; and

      B) There are much more interesting polyphonic analogs than the MemoryMoog or Polymoog!

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