Free App, Trigger Box, Turns Your iPhone Into A Gate Sequencer

Developer Justus Kandzi has released a free app, Trigger Box, that lets you use your iPhone as a gate sequencer for modular synthesizers.

Trigger Box lets you generate euclidean rhythms to trigger your analog synthesizers and more. The signals generated by the app are at about 0.5V, so they may have to be amplified to trigger your modules.

It’s a free download via the App Store.

6 thoughts on “Free App, Trigger Box, Turns Your iPhone Into A Gate Sequencer

  1. Totally pointless! Why not make that a virtual midi gate for iOS synths, very few actually have gating!

    If you can afford an analogue synth, I doubt u r gonna use a 69p iPhone app to gate them :p

      1. First, you could use it to sync a 130€ korg volca beat, so, expensive equipment is not needed to have fun with it.
        Second, part of the fun of analog synths is to experiment by plugging strange low voltage stuff into them.
        Free is even better.

  2. I love the simple interface with wich you can create complex rythms, its almost perfect. You cant run it in background, so it drains the battery. Connected it to my not so cheap modular to trigger envelopes.

  3. I can’t download the step sequencer. Two days i’m trying, it stays freezed on loading….

    does anybody else ?

    but i could experiment the other one on a iMS-20 and it is definitely great ! Lots of fun. Very complex polyrhythms.

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