Grendel Grenadier Synthesizer Video Demo

This video, via EA78751, takes a look at the upcoming Rare Waves Grendel RA-9 Grenadier synthesizer – a unique semi-modular CV-Gate synthesizer that features a built-in step-sequencer and filter bank.

The video takes a quick run through the Grenadier’s functions: playing the keypad in real-time, activating the analog sequencer, storing a rhythm in the 32-step event loop, synchronizing two Grenadiers, and some basic patching.

The audio is recorded direct (not through an amplifier/microphone), with reverb and delay FX added.

For more information, see the Rare Waves site.

4 thoughts on “Grendel Grenadier Synthesizer Video Demo

  1. Synthead, the Rare Waves site link takes us back to this site 🙂

    Sounds like a nice synth. Not sure its me though. Would love to hear how it sounds in the lower frequencies (wich are of more importance to me).

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