AlphaSphere me MIDI Controller An Inexpensive Option For Polyphonic Aftertouch

alphasphere-me-closeupNuDesine has announced an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the production of its new AlphaSphere me MIDI controller.

Like the company’s earlier AlphaSphere nexus and AphaSphere elite MIDI controllers, the AlphaSphere me features pressure-sensitive control pads, placed in a hexagonal arrangement on a sphere.

The AlphaShere is designed to be much more affordable, though, with prices starting at US $166 to backers. The lower cost is achieved by making it smaller, simpler to manufacture and using 32 pads, vs the original’s 48 pads.

Here’s the official intro video:


  • AlphaSphere me has a series of 32 tactile pressure-sensitive pads.
  • The pads themselves can can act as a key/trigger-pad or a fader/dial/mod-wheel/pitch-wheel, or both simultaneously.
  • The design itself is based on a hexagonal lattice, which allows for a series of logical notational arrangements.
  • It is compatible with any MIDI software, from GarageBand to Ableton Live.

MIDI Features:

  • Each pad can can act as a key/trigger-pad or a fader/dial/mod-wheel/pitch-wheel, or both simultaneously
  • Map preset notational scales or layouts to the pads, or set notes to pads individually
  • Set the pressure of each pad to send polyphonic aftertouch, channel aftertouch, mod wheel, pitchbend, or a CC message
  • Supports multichannel MIDI, allowing multiple instruments to be played at the same time
  • MIDI Dynamic Channel Mode – allows individual MIDI channels to be dynamically applied to each pressed MIDI pad, allowing for polyphonic pitch-bend as well as completely polyphonic modulation of notes within software that doesn’t support poly aftertouch.

For more information on the AlphaSphere me, see the project site.

6 thoughts on “AlphaSphere me MIDI Controller An Inexpensive Option For Polyphonic Aftertouch

    1. “Fine. Play Chopin on it. Go on.”

      I’d agree that Nu Desine has done a terrible job of demoing this.

      But it bugs me that so many electronic musicians are stuck on the idea that instrument evolution died back in the time of Chopin.

      Do we really have to suffer with 80’s MIDI sax and strings forever?

      There are real reasons why there’s so much experimentation going on in the area of new controller design – current keyboard controllers are absolutely TERRIBLE for playing non-keyboard musical phrases.

      The AlphaSphere isn’t going to be a success unless the developers can do a better job of showing when and why it’s a better alternative.

      But the most interesting electronic music performers have always had open minds to new instruments and figuring out how to use them in interesting ways.

  1. It looks “fun” and I hope they succeed in raising their funds, but I would like to see these pads applied to other forms… even flat.

  2. I Really need this to have the home life I want . but I can’t fine a cheap one anywhere 899$ is to much. I’m poor and live way below the poverty line and I feel I can produce a good sound with the alphsphere I just need to find one that I can afford this is the bicness

  3. I tryed to post and it will not let me post I need this alphsphere to have a better life and I can not find one for less the 899$ plz help me. I have a blood disorder that’s going to kill me and the last years of my life should be the best years plz help me and I promise that what I give the world with the music I make will be returned . when I die what ever I have made with my music will help my kids and many people have better lives so I ask for your help. I am the bicness. And or Shaun tardiff

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