Electro-Music.com Expands to Five Radio Streams

electro-musicElectro-Music.com has announced that it has expanded its Internet radio service to five streams.

The new streams feature playlists that focus on specific styles of electronic and electro-acoustic music. 

The expanded list of radio streams are as follows:

  • Radio 1 – Primary Stream – A mix of all music types and the place for live streaming events.
  • Radio 2 – MKII – A selection of the best rhythm and melody driven music from the electro-music.com archive.
  • Radio 3 – Ambience – Mellow ambient and chill music. Relax and enjoy the ambience.
  • Radio 4 – Intense – Fast tempo, heavy, intense, glitchy, and noisy. Music that makes you want to either dance or thrash your head around wildly.
  • Radio 5 – Experimental – Experiments with unusual composition and sounds. This includes live performances, latency jams, modular noodles, and anything else that expands your concept of music and composition.

“Our volunteer curators create playlists to feature the great diversity of our members’ music and to focus on its vitality and quality,” says Electro-Music.com founder Howard Moscovitz. “These stations are the voice of the electro-music.com community, freely shared in the spirit of generosity.

Musicians are encouraged to share their creative commons music on the site. Just post music in the the Online Music forum. The music directors managing the playlists will review the music and add it to the appropriate stream. Submissions must meet site conditions.

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