The Claudeatron mk IV MIDI Controller Is Impressively Expressive

‘Sonic Manipulator” Claude Woodward shared this video demo of his latest musical creation, the Claudeatron mk IV MIDI Controller

The Claudeatron is an expressive MIDI controller made out of clear Perspex Acrylic. The unusual design allows for continuous control over pitch, volume, timbre and other aspects of synthesis.

In addition to the Perspex creations that Woodward documents in this video, he’s made a wide variety of musical inventions, including the Orbatron, Tron-o-pear and Alpha-Beta-Numerophone, which he says are part of ‘The Sonic Manipulator Experience’. See his site for more examples of his creations.

9 thoughts on “The Claudeatron mk IV MIDI Controller Is Impressively Expressive

  1. Maybe the most expressive midi controller I’ve heard, but the way that breath controller kept getting in the way couldn’t help but remind me of Rod Hull and Emu!

  2. I thought that it will be some kind of a typical weirdo YouTube clip, but it looks like a really useful and interesting controller !

  3. The thing about the knob is that it means that all attacks are slow, but it also means that you can keep pitch and amp all in one gesture.

    Once again, someone has an obsessive vision and makes their own contraption to manifest it.


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