Live At Jazzlan With Roli Seaboard, EWI & Percussion

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance – for Roli Seaboard, EWI & percussion – by Niogi of the first tune from their new album Landing.

Technical Details:

Live at Jazzlan studio – Guy Shkolnik, Omri Abramov and special guest Gilad Dobrecky on percussion, playing a trio version of Getting it Wrong and Right (Shkolnik). Featured here is the ROLI Seaboard, with Akai EWI connected to Spectrasonics Omnisphere and DSI Mopho.

Composed by Guy Shkolnik
Arranged By Guy Shkolnik and Omri Abramov
Omri Abramov – Akai EWI
Guy Shkolnik – ROLI Seaboard, Waldorf Blofeld
feat. Gilad Dobrecky – Percussion

10 thoughts on “Live At Jazzlan With Roli Seaboard, EWI & Percussion

  1. It’s very bad video. ‘m sorry. The AKAI player is must being a main person, because is a very rare performer and instrument. Exuse me, my small English can’t to (to pass) ///

  2. very cool. the Roli is the finest controller i’ve ever used. don’t really get the ‘yaaak’ comment. i guess you’re just not used to seeing different types of musicians creating different types of music.

  3. Very nice….but if i listen to the music with closed eyes, i can’t hear anything that couldn’t be made with
    a ‘normal’ keyboard controller…

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