Snyderphonics MantaMate (Sneak Preview)

Developer Jeff Snyder shared this sneak preview of the Snyderphonics MantaMate – a USB host Eurorack module for USB-MIDI and USB-HID devices.

The MantaMate is designed to let you hook things like USB keyboards, Mantas, and joysticks directly into a Eurorack system. 

The MantaMate takes input from a USB device and sends 12 channels of 0-10V control voltage. It can also be put into device mode so that you can use it as a control voltage output for your computer.

Information on pricing and availability is to be announced.

2 thoughts on “Snyderphonics MantaMate (Sneak Preview)

  1. If you could dazy chain them to double and triple the number of midi channels available that would make this a must buy, even more than it already looks to be.

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