Skot Wiedmann & The Hyve Synthesizer

This video, by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is a profile of Skot Wiedmann, an electronics technician and art instructor at the University. who has created the unique Hyve Synthesizer

The Hyve is a unique touch-based synth that allows for multiple types of expressive control. Wiedmann created the Hyve to inspire interdisciplinary work between engineers and musicians, and allow people to explore music and music theory in a creative and fun way.

Here’s a looping performance on the Hyve by composer & synth developer Edmund Eagen:

Eagen’s live performance features the Hyve Synthesizer, processed through custom looping software, controlled via a Wii remote.

In an interview with the University’s Illinois News Bureau, Wiedmann says that he’s redesigning the Hyve to make it easier to build and more affordable. He also is planning a crowdfunding campaign for kits to help people build the synthesizer at home, with the goal of having kits available in 2017.

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