Reactable Intros New MIDI Sequencer For iOS, ‘Steps’

Reactable has introduced Steps – a new MIDI sequencer for iOS that they say lets you ‘create complex rhythmic patterns in a surprising new way’.

With Steps you can control any MIDI compatible app, send MIDI over a network to your laptop or any other compatible device. You can also synchronize external hardware analog synths, such as Korg Volcas or Pocket Operators, using a pulse via an audio cable.


  • Plug and play MIDI-out system automatically sends to all available MIDI input ports and our own virtual port.
  • Connect your iDevice with an external MIDI interface and control MIDI hardware.
  • Synchronize external hardware synths such as Korg Volca or Pocket operators via the audio output.
  • A carefully designed user interface that allows you to quickly switch between performance to editing mode.
  • Play together with Ableton Link and sync multiple apps and devices over WiFi.
  • Global Swing function (50% – 75%) – applied automatically to eight and sixteenth notes.
  • Save and recall sequences, seamlessly during playback.
  • Global bpm control ranging from 20 to 999 BPM.
  • Global Gate level allows global control of note duration.
  • Global MIDI velocity control.
  • Global Glide function applies pitch bend to small distances between adjacent steps (if the synth being controlled supports pitch bend).
  • Global transpose ribbon allows for easy transposition of the entire pattern.
  • Step pitch preview function (available while transport is stopped).

Pricing and Availability

Reactable Steps is available for US $.99 in the App Store.

10 thoughts on “Reactable Intros New MIDI Sequencer For iOS, ‘Steps’

  1. 20-999 BPM is a nice range of tempos. For .99 it’s difficult to be disappointed by it. I was hoping to see triplets included. Alas. YARSS (yet another rhythmically stupid sequencer).

  2. When it comes to my yea or nay on yet another YARSS for my iPad, the bottom line for me is often tempo control function. 1 to 999 would be awesome but 20-999 range works for me lol!
    $0.99? Sold.

  3. I’ve been on the lookout for a decent iOS sequencer for a while. Don’t know if this is it, it would be nice to see a video of the sequencer in action.

    1. Check out MultiTrack Studio. It is feature crammed and has a decent workflow. Very versatile. You can also check out Auria Pro.

  4. I purchased Modstep, and found it dissapointing.
    I haven’t tried since the most recent update however.

    I would love to find something that sequenced like Korg’s Gadget, but allowed me to control my other iOS synths, and external gear.

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