Korg Intros Three New Arranger Keyboards

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Korg today introduced three new Arranger models: the Pa700, Pa700 ORT and the Pa1000.

The Pa700/Pa700 ORT expands upon the best-selling Pa600 and Pa4X and provides a wide variety of sounds, as well as a new range of Styles covering music genres from all over the world. Equipped with over four times the PCM memory of previous Korg Arrangers, the Pa700 also provides 256 MB of user PCM memory.

The new Arranger keyboards also come equipped with improved built-in speaker systems.

The all-new KAOSS FX control offers more creative control over Styles by allowing musicians to use the 7-color touchscreen as an X/Y modulation pad.

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The Pa1000 has an improved built-in speaker system, the TC Helicon Vocal Harmonizer, a Dual MP3 player and recorder, and the Dual Crossfade sequencer.

The Pa1000 also features a high-quality case, with aluminum side panels.

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Pricing and Availability

The Pa700, Pa700 ORT and Pa1000 will be available in September of 2017 for $1299.99, $1,499.99, and $1,999.99 respectively. For more information, see the Korg site.

7 thoughts on “Korg Intros Three New Arranger Keyboards

    1. it’s funny how different sides of the company are staggeringly different even down the promo being great on one and horrible on the other heh

  1. I have it from a reliable source that these arranger keyboards are a huge market for KORG. And they’re definitely fun to play – but I’ve always felt as though it’s cheating somewhat vs playing and creating something from scratch yourself.

  2. The pa600 keybed was horrible. So how is the PA1000 keybed? I have heard. But not enough. That it was a good feeling keybed.
    Please You guys that actually demo it. Tell us about the Keybed and Compare it
    As for Feeling like You are cheating. Well As a songwriter. I could not live without an arranger. Can not get all those people over. In a timely manner.
    And They sometimes Go down the wrong road. So It is better to have one. I replace certain parts . With live. When I can.
    If I could still play out. Well there really is only Duo and single Work that is steady. So Yes I would use one live. The live playing scene is much changed to less. And If You want to work. Buy an arranger. And a korg at that. Nobody compares. Yamaha wants almost 6k for their top. And it can not do What a PA4X or PA1000 can do. Plus it is complicated comparatively.

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