Behind The Scenes With Japanese Composer Soichi Terada (Ape Escape)

Director Anne Ferrero, who previously profiled Japanese musician and artist Ei Wada, shared a new video in her toco toco documentary series, which features Japanese creators and artists.

The new episode profiles Japan’s house music pioneer Soichi Terada, who also works as Omodaka for his chiptune music works. Terada may be best known, though, for his video game soundtrack work, which include the scores for the Ape Escape series.

The video is in Japanese, with English subtitles.

You can also listen to Terada’s work via his Soundcloud page:

Video Summary:

This episode features Soichi Terada, composer, arranger and one of Japan’s house music pioneers. Under the beat of his music, we will learn more about his career, which was marked by music creation for the Ape Escape game or encounters with the iconic DJ Larry Levan.

We will head first to Wakasu Park, on the outlines of Tokyo, a place Terada used to visit during his pursuit of inspiration, before heading to Koenji, where Terada did countless performances under his alter-ego project Omodaka.